The boom of blockchain in Taiwan started from 2015. Several large local banks rushed to test blockchain in the next year. The trend continued to soar in 2017 with quite a number of industry use-cases or PoC . In three blockchain scenarios: food traceability, sports events, and accommodation management, Taiwan got the first application in the world. It show that the pace of blockchain in Taiwan are, at least, as fast as in the EU and USA.

Blockchain is poised as the new generation IT in the next decade and Taiwan is ranked top in the global blockchain technology communities. The founder of Ethereum not only help training local communities but also chose to release its Ethereum 2.0 blueprint here. The next generation smart contract blockchain EOS also have a lot of developers based in Taiwan. The news of the Taipei City's joint efforts with the IOTA Foundation for smart city DLT application deployment also rippled throughout the global blockchain communities.

Seeking to root itself in the "Blockchain technology and industry application," the iThome, the IT industry knowledge exchange platform, is opening the "Taiwan Blockchain Tech Summit" on January 16, 2019 to review the developments in blockchain technology and its key role in driving innovation, industry transformation, and industry revolution.

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Jan. 16 ,2019


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