Building a Foothold in Taiwan,
Gathering the Power from Asian Pacific.
Sharing your Knowledge on an International Scale!

CyberSEC is the largest cybersecurity conference in Taiwan. It has been established since 2015 and now is going to step toward the 5th year. The event has made a breakthrough on its scale. The number of attendees has grown from 1,000 in the first year to 6,000 in this year. With the collaborative effort of policy, industry and talent, we believe that Taiwan’s future is prospective.
The cyber-attack goes beyond the boundaries, and it will not only cause the social turmoil in a region, but also initiate the global disorder. Fighting alone cannot contend with the growing underground industry. The only way of forming the powerful defense is cooperative efforts. Hence, CyberSEC 2019 will inherit its mission: Gathering the power of cybersecurity from Asia-Pacific with the achievement that Taiwan sustains the efforts on, and aiming for becoming the largest and the most influential cybersecurity conference in Asia. Hereby, we sincerely welcome the international cybersecurity experts from every field to join this grand event. You could have your most fabulous speech in this stage with the international scale.

Tracing Back to CyberSEC 2018









Welcome Worldwide Experts to Share New Findings!

Now, we are going to call for speakers for the abundant sessions of the event this year in public. If you could bring security research, the best security practice, the most wonderful analysis, the unpublished attack technique, the vulnerability information or the deep-knowledge presentation to the event and make the attendees profoundly experience, we sincerely welcome your submission. Let’s improve the environment for Taiwan’s cyber security together!

Submission Topics

There is no limit range of your paper topics. The audiences anticipate your high knowledge content. The latest security research, strategy for attack technique and defense, the cybersecurity management and practical experience or the unpublished presentation would be accepted previously.
Moreover, there are forums which focus on GDPR, hardware and IoT Security, Blockchain and Blue Team. Welcome your related studies.

Presentation Duration

  • 30 minutes presentation for keynote speech.
  • 30 minutes presentation for breakout session.

Background of the audience

The attendees of Taiwan Cyber Security Summit are security staff members, IT members, IT director and R&D engineers form industry, government and academy.

Time & Location

Time: Mar. 18 – 22, 2019
Location:Taipei International Convention Center & Taipei World Trade Center

Important Date

Deadline for submission is November 11. We will send out the speaker notification in early December.

Submission Tips

  • Original. Audiences would like to know your real experience and personal insight. Your presentation should make the audiences feel your motivation and passion.
  • Beneficial. Tell us more about your content and describe it as detailed as you can. Then, point out the reason why people have to attend in and what people could benefit from your presentation.
  • Technical & Applied. The speech should not be presented for marketing purpose and marketing wording. The audiences anticipated highly technical information and learn from your experiences which could be applied to their jobs.
  • Exceptional. If your content is about the headline issue, you could share the different perspectives and chose an exceptional topic to attract the audiences.


  • Please advise the organization (or company) that you will represent in the speech.
  • The event could make use of your photos, profiles and session introduction.
  • The event will make your video and slides public with your permission.
  • The event has the right to adjust the agenda and time slots.
  • You must have the legal right of using the content of your speech.
  • Your speech cannot intrude others’ intellectual property rights, privacy rights and other rights.
  • Please finish your submission on time. We will not accept the submission after deadline.。
  • Each submission accepted will be entitled with foreign speaker travel expanse reimbursement up to USD. 1,000 per slot (Tax included).
  • The speakers have the privilege of using the speaker room. The event will provide speaker with food and beverage.

Suggest a Speaker

CyberSEC 2019 wants to collect the public ideas and find more experts who devote their efforts on the study of cyber security. With your recommendation, there would be more and more enterprises and individuals avoiding cyber-attacks and financial losses. If you would like to suggest a speaker for CyberSEC 2019, please refer to the below link and fill in the form. Let's build an abundant learning platform and improve the environment for Taiwan’s cyber security together!

Contact Information

E-mail Address:

Speakers over the years

San Cheng, Chang (張善政)
Former Premier
Der Tsai, Lee (李德財)
Advisory Committee Member, National Security Council
You Jin, Xu (許有進)
Ministry of Science, Political Deputy Minister
Adam Chien (簡宏偉)
Director, Department of Cyber Security
Quan De, He (何全德)
Secretary General, National Development Council
Patrick Walsh
The 59th Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet
Senior Vice President, iSIGHT Partners, FireEye, Inc.
Tony Cole
Former Pentagon Chief Information Security Officer
VP/Global Government CTO, FireEye
Lance Dubsky
Former CISO for the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Head of IT Security, Meggitt PLC
Matthew McCormack
Former Director of US Defense Intelligence Agency
Virtustream VP & CISO
Mikko Hypponen
The Legend of Cybersecurity
among International Medium
Noam Rosenfeld
Former Colonel of Israel Defense Forces
Verint Systems Ltd. Cyber Intelligence Solutions Senior VP
Earl Carter
Talos Senior Threat Researcher
Manager, Cisco
Sergey Gordeychik
Founder of SCADA StrangeLove
R&D, Deputy CTO, Head of Security
Services, Kaspersky Lab
Eric Lafortune
CTO,Mobile Security,
Shimrit Tzur-David
CTO & Co-Founder,
Secret Double OctopusCyberSecurity
Oren Aspir
Michael McKee
Thomas Wang (萬幼筠)
General Manager, Deloitte & Touche

Shu Sheng, Pu (蒲樹盛)
General Manager, British Standards Association
Henry Hu (胡辰澔)
Dean of Research and Development, OWASP
Qing Wei, Su (蘇清偉)
Supervisor National Police Administration
Xiang Chen, Lee (李相臣)
Deputy general manager, Fubon Financial Holding
Jack Lin (林永熙)
Japan’s assigned representative for solving the cybersecurity crises from all over the world.
Principal, Product Security Center, Asia Region, PANASONIC
Fyodor Yarochkin
HITCON Review Board member,
Trend Micro Threat Researcher
Yu Min, Chang (張裕敏)
Senior Associate, Global Core
Technology Department, TrendMicro
Tim Hsu (徐千洋)
Chairman, HITCON
Sung Ting, Tsai (蔡松廷)
Leader, Team T5
Pei Kan, Tsung (叢培侃)
Seminar Chairman, HITCON
Allen Lee (李倫銓)
Principal, HITCON CTF
Allen Own (翁浩正)
Executive Director, HITCON