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DevDays Asia 2020 Online


Jong-chin SHEN沈榮津
Keynote Speaker
Mei-Hua Wang王美花
Keynote Speaker
Ken Sun孫基康
Keynote Speaker
Bhrighu Sareen
Keynote Speaker
Bhrighu Sareen
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Teams
Buck Woody
Keynote Speaker
Buck Woody
Principal Data Scientist, R&D Data – SQL Server
Buck Woody works on the Azure Data Services team at Microsoft, and uses data and technology to solve business and science problems. With over 35 years of professional and practical experience in computer technology, he is also a popular speaker at conferences around the world; author of over 700 articles and eight books on databases, machine learning, and R, he also sits on various Data Science Boards at two US Universities, and specializes in advanced data analysis techniques. He is passionate about mentoring and growing the next generation of data professionals.
Daniel Canning
Keynote Speaker
Daniel Canning
Director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem
Daniel is part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem team, helping partners and customers extend Office 365 for their applications. He focuses on industry solutions – including healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. Daniel has over a decade experience creating successful industry ecosystems for productivity platforms. Prior to working in ecosystem development, Daniel created consulting practices for enterprise content management, productivity applications and ERP solutions.
Dan Stevenson
Keynote Speaker
Dan Stevenson
Principal PM Manager, Microsoft Teams Ecosystem
Dan Stevenson is a founding member of Microsoft Teams. He currently leads engineering for Asia, driving product strategy and adoption in fast-growing markets. Earlier, he led core product development, including teams/channels, guest access, and the free and education versions of Teams. He also represents Teams at industry events and online. Dan joined Microsoft in 2003 and previously led engineering in Windows, Skype, and Azure. Before Microsoft, Dan founded and sold a software startup. He graduated from MIT in physics and did graduate studies at the MIT Media Lab. Dan lives in Taipei, Taiwan, with his wife and two children.
Manoj Purohit
Keynote Speaker
Manoj Purohit
Senior Director, Dynamics, Microsoft

Manoj is Senior Director at Microsoft and responsible for Dynamics 365 business across Asia covering APAC, Australia, Japan, India & GCR. He manages Enterprise business with his team of Industry Directors focused on Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing and Automotive Industry. He and his team, work with the top tier clients across Asia to shape their digital transformation journey with focus on customer experience and streamlining business processes and operations.

He also has a team focused on SMC (Small, Medium and Corporate) and Partner Ecosystem (Global System Integrators and ISV’s) across Asia to drive scale

Before joining Microsoft, he was with Accenture where he led CXO and board level engagements as part of business transformation and strategy covering management and IT consulting. At Accenture, he led CRM practice for South East Asia with focus on Salesforce as well as SaaS billing platform. Prior to leading the CRM business at Accenture, he was part of Accenture Digital where he worked with key clients on business and IT strategy consulting engagements. At Accenture, his primary industry focus was around Banking, Telco, Media and Entertainment & CPG.

Manoj’s key expertise is in Retail & Consumer Banking, Payments, Mobile Banking, Mobile Payment, Professional Services Industry, IT and Business Strategy.

During dot com, he co-founded a start-up focused around mobile payments and was instrumental in growing the mobile payments in Singapore and worked with various ecosystem partners and local and overseas banks. He also worked at SAP-Sybase and Cisco Systems with focus on Consumer & Retail Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments and Natural Language Processing platform.

He is a TOGAF certified Enterprise Architecture practitioner from NUS (National University of Singapore) and has filed 3 patents in past.

He holds an MBA from University of Chicago, Booth School of business where he graduated with distinction honors and was bestowed membership to Beta Gamma Sigma Society.

Manoj is an active speaker at various forums and is also frequently interviewed and quoted in media. During his free time, he loves taking his Harley heritage Softail on ride.

Vincent Shih施立成
Keynote Speaker
微軟全球助理法務長/ 台灣微軟公共暨法律事務部總經理


  • 微軟公司 全球助理法務長
  • 台灣微軟股份有限公司公共暨法律事務部 總經理
  • 香港商領英股份有限公司
  • 台灣分公司 (LinkedIn Taiwan Branch) 總經理


  • 美國加州大學柏克萊分校法學院 法律碩士
  • 國立政治大學商學院 經營管理碩士
  • 國立台灣大學法律系法學組 法學士


  • 國際技術授權主管總會中華分會 理事長
  • 台北美國商會 副會長、理事、監事及智財與授權委員會共同主席
  • 台灣科技產業法務經理人協會 副理事長
  • 柏克萊法學院台灣同學會 會長
  • 中華民國資訊軟體協會 常務理事
  • 國際通商法律事務所 (Baker & McKenzie) 資深律師
  • 東吳大學法學院 兼任助理教授
  • 世新大學法學院 協同教學講師
  • 國立台北科技大學 講師
  • 全國工業總會智慧財產權委員會 委員
  • 台北律師公會
  • 資訊及著作權委員會 委員


  • 資訊安全及科技法律
  • 人工智慧法律與倫理
  • 網路產業法律
  • 智慧財產權管理與策略
  • 隱私權及法規遵循
  • 公司治理、設立與併購
Andrew Davidoff
Andrew Davidoff
Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft 365 Customer Promise Engineers
Althea Champagnie
Althea Champagnie
Senior Program Manager, Cloud + AI group, Microsoft

Althea Champagnie is a Senior Program Manager in the Cloud and AI organization at Microsoft. She manages Antitrust Compliance programs and engages with customers to deliver solutions to better interoperate with the Windows server and client operating systems.

Before joining Microsoft in 1999, Althea worked as a process engineer, researcher, and software developer. She received her Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and her PhD in Chemical Engineering, with a focus on mathematical modeling, from the University of Southern California.

Balmukund Lakhani
Balmukund Lakhani
Senior Program Manager, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Services
Balmukund is a Program Manager with Azure SQL Team, based out of Bangalore. He is currently working with team working on Azure SQL Database, PaaS offering. During his 15 years long journey with Microsoft, he has played various technical roles in SQL Support team and supported various customer across the globe. In support team, he started as Support Engineer and moved up till Escalation Engineer. He is passionate for SQL technology and for helping customers succeed on Azure SQL platform by building the next set of industry-leading features and capabilities that will delight customers. As a Program Manager, he engages with customers and partners to help them envision, design, build, and ship their applications on SQL Azure leveraging capabilities of Azure platform.
Bin Guo
Bin Guo
Software Engineer, SQL OIPI Test Development Team, Microsoft
Bin Guo is a software engineer in the test development team of SQL Server interoperability initiative program. Her primary responsibility is quality assurance for SQL Server open specifications, including development for SQL Server Test Suites, Parser and interoperability tools. Prior to her current role, Bin worked as a software engineer for testing in Office and Windows interoperability team, and a software engineer in Sina.com China. She graduated from Beijing Information Science & Technology University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.
Eric Bortei-Doku
Eric Bortei-Doku
Program Manager, Cloud + AI group, Microsoft

Eric Bortei-Doku is a Program Manager in the Cloud & AI Group. He partners to drive the SQL Server interoperability initiative program.

Prior to his current role, Eric worked as a Developer Support Engineer, a Software Tester, and a Programmer/Technical Writer. He graduated from Budapest Technical University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Master of Science degree in Electronic Engineering Technology.

Firoozeh Ojagh
Firoozeh Ojagh
Business Policy Auditing Engineer – Microsoft 365 Customer Promise

Firoozeh Ojagh (Rose) is a Business Policy Auditing Engineer with a decade of successful experience and background in Software Test Engineering leadership.

She is in charge of Onboarding, Exploring and Auditing new and current Microsoft Office Business policies at Microsoft Office Customer Promises Team. She is a strong believer that if someone has a high level view of a technical problem without being overwhelmed by it, the problem could be solved quickly with no hurdles.

Rose regularly educates herself on new software technologies in order to be able to assist her team better with effective troubleshooting skills, when they face issues.

Her favorite quote is:

Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.~ Rumi (30 September 1207 – 17 December 1273), a 13th-century Persian poet

She also enjoys Gardening, swimming, but can also be very busy painting a new Art piece.

黃慧兒Huier Huang
目前於微軟技術中心擔任 Technical Specialist,專注於 DevOps 解決方案以及雲端應用程式開發方法。
Jinghui Zhang
Jinghui Zhang
Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft 365 Customer Promise Engineers

Jinghui Zhang is a Software Engineer in the Microsoft Office Extensibility team. She is a developer of dev.office.com and graph.microsoft.io. She also drives development for new Office Add-ins, SharePoint and Exchange Test Suites, and Office Open XML and Uniform Office Format interoperability tools.

She gives talks about Office Add-in, Protocol Test Suites, etc. in the Microsoft Interop Events. And she also participates in the hack sessions to lead developers to reach their hack success. Her favorite part of the events is the brain storm and hack session.

She graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, China with a Bachelor's degree in Information Management and Information Systems.

Justin Hoffman
Justin Hoffman
Program Manager, CDG Security R&D, Microsoft
Kwabena (K.B.) Badu-Antwi
Kwabena (K.B.) Badu-Antwi
Principal Program Manager Lead, Cloud + AI group, Microsoft

Kwabena (K.B.) Badu-Antwi has been at Microsoft for over ten years in various program management roles. He's currently a Principal Program Manager Lead in the Cloud + AI group, managing the development and release efforts for interoperability tools, open specifications, and customer engagements for SQL Server and Windows protocols. He has in-depth technical knowledge on SQL Server.

Ken McManus
Ken McManus
Principal PM, Global Team
Michael Bowman
Michael Bowman
Principal PM Manager, Office Interoperability Team, Microsoft

Michael Bowman is a Principal PM Manager in the Microsoft Office Interoperability team. He leads the delivery and release efforts for interoperability events and test tools for the Microsoft Office Division, including SharePoint, Exchange Server, and Office.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Michael spent the first part of his career in an engineering role at Hewlett Packard focusing on developing new industry standard server technologies. He graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science and a Masters of Business Administration from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

Tarun Chopra
Tarun Chopra
Business Policy Auditing Engineer, Office Customer Promises

Tarun Chopra is a presently a Sr. Escalation Engineer in the Microsoft Office Developer Support Open Specifications team. His primary responsibilities include helping customers implement solutions using WOPI, Exchange RPC/MAPI, ActiveSync, Web Services, Lync/Skype protocols, and Office Open XML and binary formats. Before joining Office Open Specifications team, Tarun played a vital role in helping customers in implementing Windows protocols and represented Microsoft in couple of Plugfest/Interop events organized globally. Authentication, LYNC/RDP, File Sharing protocols are some of his strengths.

Prior to Microsoft, Tarun worked as a Development Lead in Developing Test Suites for Validation of Windows Open Specification and has vast experience in developing distributed systems. He played a key role in developing Parking Management Solutions for Japanese Firm and Verification of Ticketing System for Japanese Rail Network. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from University in India.

黃承皓Thomas Huang
黃承皓 (Thomas Huang) 現任台灣微軟專家技術部-雲端架構技術顧問,曾協助許多大型企業進行 DevOps 轉型與雲端技術導入。具有豐富的軟體開發與企業軟體解決方案執行經驗,主要針對不同企業客戶的軟體架構設計需求,提供適性的解決方案建議。
Tom Jebo
Tom Jebo

Tom Jebo is a Senior Escalation Engineer in the Microsoft Developer Support Open Specifications team. His primary responsibilities are helping customers implement solutions using WOPI/FSSHTTP, Exchange, Lync/Skype protocols, and Office Open XML and binary file formats. Before joining the Open Specifications team, Tom helped customers with Microsoft's developer tools, C/C++ languages and COM technologies.

Before Microsoft, Tom developed architectural simulation software B16at Amdhal Corporation in Sunnyvale, California. Tom holds a bachelor's degree from Boston University in Computer Science and currently lives in Seattle Washington.

Tejas Shah
Tejas Shah
Senior Program Manager, SQL Tiger Team – Azure Data Services, Microsoft
Tejas has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and over 17 years of industry experience. He has been part of Microsoft for over 14 years. He is a senior program manager in SQL Tiger team and focuses on SQL Server engine across all versions and platforms. He also works with several Tier 1 SQL Server customers and partners in the field to ensure successful implementation of the SQL Server database platform. He works with many resources including support, field and community to understand the product usage and get feedback from the engagements to drive improvements in the product. Prior to this role he was an Escalation Engineer in SQL Server CSS for a decade. He has in-depth technical knowledge and experience of the SQL Server product spanning seven versions of SQL Server including the latest release.
Vin Yu
Vin Yu
SQL Server 資料研發開發部門 資深計畫經理
Vin Yu is a program manager on the SQL Server product engineering team currently focused on containers and Azure Arc Data Services. He enjoys learning and combining technologies to solve problems and to enable others to do more. Vin Yu is passionate about sharing techniques that show how you can use SQL Server in containers to improve development efficiency.
Vasiya Krishnan
Vasiya Krishnan
Program Manager, SQL Server Enterprise
Siya currently works as a PM in the SQL Server Enterprise team. She focusses on building Azure SQL Edge, a database engine optimized for IoT workloads. She works closely with customers and partners to help them envision and build IoT Solutions using Azure SQL Edge. Prior to this, Siya worked with the Azure Customer Experience group where she helped customers onboard/migrate to Azure. She received an MBA from UCLA prior to joining Microsoft.
Burt Lien
Burt Lien
Lorenz Chan
Lorenz Chan
台灣微軟 Dynamics 365 BG 總監
王育民Dino Wang

歷練過軟體工程師、網際網路工程師、專案經理、技術總監等職務。也曾自行創業提供 .NET / Azure 技術諮詢、教育訓練以及專案軟體開發服務。歷經醫療資訊系統產品以及專案,工作流程產品開發,亦曾投入多個台灣地區電子商務的建置專案。

主要技術領域為 Azure, .NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Entity Framework 等,也執行多平台 Android/iOS mobile 專案。

Max Wang
Max Wang
Software Engineer, SQL OIPI Test Development Team, Microsoft
Max is a Software Engineer in SQL OIPI Team. His primary responsibility is quality assurance for SQL Server open specifications, including development for SQL Server Test Suites, Parser and interoperability tools. Max is graduated from Beijing University of Technology, he has joint the team for 4 years, prior to the current role, he worked as a Support Engineer and Software Tester.
Min Li
Min Li
Windows Protocol Test Suite 首席軟體工程經理

Min Li is a Principal Software Engineering Manager in Cloud and AI organization at Microsoft. She leads a development team in China, focusing on compliance engineering, including but not limited to protocol test suites development, network parser development, interoperability events support and GitHub open source. Prior to compliance engineering, she worked on SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) product and Linux Open Source Technology center.

Min has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and a master’ s degree in Cryptography and Information Security from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Tiffany Chiu邱盈緻
Microsoft 365 產品行銷經理
邱盈緻 (Tiffany Chiu) 致力於推廣微軟生產力服務平台,讓企業員工能將繁瑣的事情交給強大的平台,員工的時間更能專注在創意以及策略,提升企業競爭力。
Ethan Huang黃耀逸
Ethan Huang (黃耀逸) 目前擔任微軟技術中心技術架構顧問,專注在雲端資料服務、人工智慧與物聯網的系統架構設計。近期也致力於推廣人工智慧在產業的解決方案。
Tommy Wu吳志忠

Tommy 目前服務於微軟 IoT 部門,擔任 IoT Solution Architect,擅長於雲端與物聯網的創新運用 ,結合最新的認知技術與深度學習,開發出多樣化的物聯網解決方案及 AI 的應用,充分展現了認知運算與人工智慧的強大能力。

Hung-Chun Yu余宏俊
Escalation Engineer

Hung-Chun Yu (HC) was born in Taiwan and came to Seattle in 1981 with his parents.

He is happily married and a parent of two lovely corgis, Indy and MeiMei. He enjoys travelling and has done 8 cruises.

He owned his first computer in 1982 and has been passionate with computer technologies ever since.

He is experienced from Operating System, application, website, mobile, and performance testing.

HC enjoys troubleshooting bugs that are hard to reproduce.

Presently, he is an Escalation Engineer with Microsoft Open Specifications Support.

Yvonne Shih
Yvonne Shih
Yvonne Shih 專注於 Azure 上的 Data&AI 技術,並基於 Azure 上的服務和合作夥伴協作開發更多解決方案。
Wan-Chung Huang黃婉中
微軟專家技術部 技術經理
黃婉中 (Wan Chung Huang) 微軟技術專家,服務大型企業和政府及教育客戶,專注在雲端商業智慧、應用程式開發與工作流程的系統架構設計。相信每一個人都能夠打造自己專屬的儀表板、應用程式以及自動化工作流程來解決各種問題。
Dennis Lee李宸宇
Dennis Lee 李宸宇,目前為 Microsoft Taiwan OCP 部門負責 Microsoft Power Platform 合作夥伴的技術支援。
Daniel Tsai蔡景鷹
蔡景鷹 (Daniel Tsai) 是微軟認證講師,目前在微軟合作夥伴暨商務事業群擔任資深合作夥伴技術協理。參與微軟 TechEd, TechDays, 重要產品研討會講師,專注於微軟技術平台整合與開發,合作夥伴教育訓練與重要專案協助。近期工作重點主要是微軟雲端應用程式的開發、部署與安全管理。
Dann Wu吳典璋
Build School 創辦人
Build School (Build-School.com) 是一所最酷的資訊教育學校,幫助想搭上軟體開發及數位經濟這艘火箭的學員們,成為一位專業的軟體工程師,也協助企業更快更容易地找到對的人才! 創辦人 Dann 哥於軟體、資訊及網路領域已有20年的工作經驗,創辦 Build School 前曾任職於微軟 Microsoft,歷經技術工程師、業務、產品行銷領域,熟悉軟體開發領域之行銷及技術推廣,包括 .NET、Visual Studio、ALM、Agile/Scrum、Cloud 等軟體開發領域,是一位熱情及樂於分享的軟體資訊愛好者!
Jim Wang王維駿
Build School 軟體工程師
Yung-Chung Ku古永忠
國泰人壽系統資訊部 副理

Dr. Yung-Chung Ku is a database system researcher, a community contributor and a data engineer as well.

He organizes the community as a bridge for industrial information and provides open thinking and technology for enterprises adopting PostgreSQL.

Summit Suen孫玉峰
微軟 AI 最有價值專家
現任微軟 AI MVP,作為資料科學家/資料工程師在多個產業開發資料產品,包含推薦系統以及廣告平台。
Allan Yin尹相志
微軟最有價值專家 (MVP)
於 2002 年台灣創立 asiaMiner 為台灣第一家專業大數據顧問公司。2015 年正式擔任中國第一家大數據顧問公司華院數據的首席數據科學家,並於 2016 年發起中國首次人工智能大賽 BOT(Brain of things) 2016,目前於大陸成立 Deepbelief.ai 聚焦於機器視覺的創新商業應用。
Ian Chen陳葵懋
擅長使用微軟相關技術及 Azure 雲端服務,秉持著【與其抱怨沒有人,倒不如先成為那個沒有人】的信念,與好友創立 K.NET 技術社群,目前任職於一等一科技,同時也是連任 9 屆微軟全球最有價值專家 (MVP)。
張立顗Poy Chang
微軟最有價值專家 (MVP)
目前任職於全美 100 大私人企業,負責企業 IT 解決方案設計與開發,專注於 Azure, ASP.NET Core, Angular 等研究
Winnie Lin林郁芬
Microsoft MVP
Laravel 台灣社群固定班底
平時以 C# 及 PHP 開發網站應用
開發多款 PHP 及 Laravel 的 VS Code 套件供社群使用
Sourabh Agarwal
Sourabh Agarwal
Principle Program Manager
9 年 IT 背景,7 年開發測試經驗,
正嘗試用 devops 的流程跨越 QA 的鴻溝,運用 AI 的力量,推動團隊朝著快速發布,快速解決客戶問題的目標前進
Andy Lee李俊昇
Realwear 資深產品經理
擁有超過 20 年的電腦產品相關資歷,熟悉工業智慧穿戴裝置與應用,並提供企業客戶關鍵任務解決方案。
Maggie Lee林采儀
天微資訊 顧問
Jeremy Chen陳璟星
緯謙科技 雲應用服務營運中心 經理
任職於緯謙科技擔任專案管理工作,具有 20 年科技領域相關工作經驗。負責 Azure 雲端架構、專案管理及 Power Platform 企業導入及顧問服務。
Hank Yu俞伯翰
自由系統股份有限公司 執行長
俞伯翰先生自清華大學工程與系統科學系取得學位後,便一腳踏入科技及資訊服務産業。先後服務於 HP、Singtel 和 Orange Business Service 等大型跨國企業,並以工程背景結合優秀之業務達成能力創立自由系統股份有限公司,迅速成爲臺灣地區資訊服務産業最年輕一代的著名專業經理人,在五百多名臺灣優秀企業代中,榮獲 2016 百大 MVP 經理人殊榮。
William Wang王威捷
碩網資訊 商務發展處 總監
Focus on cloud and parallel computing
王經富Ching-Fu Wang
沈宏洲Kyle Shen
曾任 4 屆微軟最有價值專家 (Microsoft MVP),期望能利用 IT 力量改變世界。任職過軟體、教育、物流產業…等,依據不同產業的經驗,以使用者角度思維出發設計成可行性的資訊架構。經營 Study4.TW 技術社群,定期舉辦各種領域的技術研討會,在團隊裡樂於分享技術,相信與人分享的同時,會自己能帶來更多。
陳怡婷YT Chen

陳怡婷擔任富比庫共同創辦人暨執行長負責研發電子設計自動化創新技術 ,包含電子零件圖樣自動化、智慧化與數位化的技術支援與服務。

自 2015 年富比庫創立開始,陳怡婷帶領草創團隊全力投入關鍵核心技術的研發,奠定公司未來發展的基礎。同時主導富比庫台灣地區業務發展與組織管理將僅十幾人的台灣團隊逐漸壯大至百人規模並與研發團隊運用 AI技術數位化電子零件資料,研發 EDA Library 自動建置與驗證引擎,創建雲端服務平台 Footprintku.com。

馮力文Li-Wen Feng
光禾感知科技 營運長

營運長馮力文具備多年管理顧問業經驗,專精行銷研究與策略。曾在中國最具影響力之顧問集團-中國零點研究諮詢集團任職超過五年,返台後加入遠見天下文化事業群,專責品牌操作、數位創新、商業模式發展、行銷及活動企劃。專注於策略規劃與經營管理,使 OSENSE 團隊充滿動能與效率,達成各階段之成長目標。

※ 主辦單位保留活動主講人資訊調整權利,更新資訊將隨時公布於網站。

聯絡 DevDays Asia 2020 Online 服務小組

客服專線:02-25622880 ext.3671 戴先生(週一至週五,上午 10:00~12:00,下午 2:00~5:00)